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  • 10. Magazine TETEROT 2022 Autumn 때때롯살롱 / 2022-09-01 2022 Autumn season fashion style lookbook 
  • 9. Magazine TETEROT 2022 Summer 때때롯살롱 / 2022-05-23 2022 Summer season fashion style lookbook Left Page.상의 | 답호 월정리Unisex Summer Artificial Silk Hanbok-Jacket | Woljeong-ri in Jeju Black하의 | 청운 블랙Summer Artificial Silk Pants | cheong-un BlackRight Page. 상의 | 부암동 빈티지 블랙Shirts | Buam-dong Vintage black하의 | 석화 블랙Unisex  Pants | Petrification Black(Long)상의 | 티셔츠 범범 아이보리T-shirt | Beom Beom Ivory하의 | 경포대 블루Cotton shorts | Gyeongpodae Shorts (2colors)Left Page.상의 | 티셔츠 보상화 아이보리T-shirt | Bosanghwa Ivory하의 | 석화 네이비Unisex Cotton Pants | Petrification NavyRight Page. 상의 | 티셔츠 사물놀이Korean traditional performance series T-shirt | Samulnori상의 | 티셔츠 봉황도 블랙T-shirt | Painting of Phoenix상의 | 마고자 낙원 오트밀Summer Artificial Silk Hanbok-Jacket | Paradise Oatmeal하의 | 청운 카키Summer Artificial Silk Pants | cheong-un KhakiLeft Page.상의 | 셔츠 부암동 아이보리Hanbok Shirts | Buam-dong Light beige하의 | 강심 블루Pants | Strong heart BlueRight Page. 상의 | 마고자 낙원 네이비Summer Artificial Silk Hanbok-Jacket | Paradise Navy하의 | 피그먼트 면100 베이직 풀밴딩 베이지Cotton pants | Pigment Cotton 100 Basic BeigeLeft Page.블라우스 | 식물 스카이 블루Blouse | Plants Sky Blue하의 | 고니 치마 네이비Skirt | Goni Skirt NavyRight Page. 상의 | 더블 목판깃 담양 화이트Oversized Hanbok Shirts | Damyang White  하의 | 동행 핑크Pants | Together Pink Left Page.원피스 | 백호Dress | White tiger Right Page. 점프수트 | 산노루 네이비Jumpsuit | Sannolu Jumpsuit NavyLeft Page.상의 | 동행 블랙(Unisex)Jeogori jacket | Donghaeng Black 하의 | 서행 블랙Pants | Slow down BlackRight Page. 상의 | 동행 블랙(Unisex)Jeogori jacket | Donghaeng Black 하의 | 서행 블랙Pants | Slow down Black상의 | 동행 은회색(Unisex)Jeogori jacket | Donghaeng Silvergray 하의 | 서행 은회색Pants | Slow down SilvergrayLeft Page.상의 | 동행 블랙(Unisex)Jeogori jacket | Donghaeng Black 하의 | 서행 블랙Pants | Slow down BlackRight Page. 상의 | 티셔츠 건곤감리UNISEX T-Shirt | Geon-Gon-Gam-Li Black하의 | 삼천리 블랙UNISEX Pants | Samchully  상의 | 동행 블랙(Unisex)Jeogori jacket | Donghaeng Black 하의 | 서행 블랙Pants | Slow down Black
  • 8. Magazine TETEROT 2022 Spring 때때롯살롱 / 2022-01-10 2022 Spring season fashion style lookbook Left Page.재킷 | 뇌우 연카키Jacket |  Thunderstorm Lightkhaki세트 | 회색 트레이닝복(상, 하의)SET | Gray tracksuit (Top and bottom)재킷  | 태백 카키Jacket | Taebaek Khaki하의 | 여명 블랙Pants | daybreak Black재킷  | 태백 블랙Jacket | Taebaek Black하의 | 삼천리 블랙Pants | Samchully BlackRight Page.재킷 | 뇌우 블랙Jacket |  Thunderstorm Black상의 | 시월애 블랙체크Blouse | Siwol-ae Blackcheck하의 | 사계리 블랙Pants | Sagyeri Cotton Pants BlackLeft Page.철릭원피스 | 별별꽃Dress | Various flowersRight Page.한복 블라우스 | 다이어리 와인Blouse | Diary Wine한복 슬랙스 | 여명 블랙Slacks | daybreak Black상의 | 시월애 베이지Blouse | Siwol-ae  Beige하의 | 각의바지 북청Pants | Angle pants Dark jade상의 | 니팅레이스 아이보리Blouse | Knitting Lace Ivory하의 | 벨벳 앙상블 보라Skirt | Velvet Ensemble PurpleLeft Page.배자 | 보조개 아이보리Vest | Dimple Ivory하의 | 장고바지 코듀로이 핑크Pants | Jango Pants Corduroy PinkRight Page.배자 | 보조개 아이보리Vest | Dimple Ivory하의 | 파스텔 코듀로이 민트Pants | Pastel Corduroy Mint
  • 7. [Magazine TETEROT] 2020 FAll | Magoja & Baji for Everyone 때때롯살롱 / 2020-09-23            
  • 6. magazine TETEROT middle of SUMMER 때때롯살롱 / 2020-08-21  Magazine TETEROT - Middle of Summer LookbookWe cover our body with clothe in everywhere.Because the clothes are always with our body, they should be made of good quality fabrics and always comfortable. While TETEROT SALON’s clothing has been Hanbok based on tradition, the TETEROT clothing is a loose fit design that can give a more modern and natural feel. As you know, the TETEROT SALON clothes are based on traditional Korean Hanbok, but the TETEROT which is our new clothing line is more modern and make you feel very comfortable because of loose fit and it has more natural mood.All of TETEROT’s clothes, made of good materials, have a natural look that suits everyone, regardless of age or profession. Our goal is to provide the best quality clothes to the modern people for their comfortableness who getting tired of busy life. We even produce inside of clothes as very nice quality. We matched this sleeveless blouse called ‘Triangle’ with one of our pants called ‘Slush’, which both are made of patented artificial silk from Punggy in Gyeongsanguk-do in South Korea. The artificial silk material will provide very cool feeling when you wearing in hot summer time. It feels very nice as much as what it look like. The wide fit ‘Slush’ pants made of a lot of fabric then other items, so when you wear it and walk, it waving very nicely. This is kind of timeless outfit so you can wear like this in every summer. TOP | Artificial Silk ‘Triangle’ Blouse BOTTOM | Artificial Silk ‘Slush’ Pants This is very cool pleats Sleeveless dress which also made of artificial silk. It is good to wear to everywhere, like when you just go for walk outside of house or even when you go to summer vacation. It is very natural. It matches perfectly with a straw hat too. DRESS | Artificial Silk ‘Pleats Sleeveless Dress Khaki’ You probably don’t want to go somewhere crowded with people for summer vacation in this crisis. Then how about you go some sequestered place with this ‘Unified Silla Sansevieria Stuckyi’ cardigan and get relaxed and enjoy the vacation? This long cardigan will block the sun very well and it also very light. We matched this with white sleeve blouse and beige color wide pants so this outfit has cool color tons together and perfect for summer vacation. TOP | Unified Silla Sansevieria Stuckyi BOTTOM | Pants ‘Han River Beige’ There are two style outfit with cotton blouse called ‘Split’. The left outfit we matched this blouse with waist skirt called ‘Doremi’ and the right one we matched with cotton short pants as naturally. You can make variety outfit with this ‘Split’ blouse. It has unique neck and sleeve line detail so it loved by women of all ages. TOP | Blouse ‘Split Blue’ BOTTOM | Skirt ‘Doremi Blue’ A sleeveless design blouse called ‘Triangle’ that covers the shoulders slightly. The blouse was released in three color: green, scarlet, and the basic black. We matched this blouse with beige color skirt-pants and white pants so it looks more cool for hot summer and also comfortable for go-to-work outfit. TOP | Artificial Blouse ‘Triangle Green’TOP | Artificial Blouse ‘Triangle Scarlet’ BOTTOM | Pants ‘Side Button Skirt Pants Navyblue’  
  • 5. [Magazine TETEROT]2020 Summer Season Fashion Style Lookbook 때때롯살롱 / 2020-08-21 Magazine TETEROT2020 Summer Season Fashion Style Lookbook시원한 여름을 함께할 때때롯 프로젝트 티셔츠 T-SHIRT FROM ‘TETEROT PROJECT’ FOR YOUR COOL SUMMER작년보다 더 덥다는 2020년의 여름 날을 시원하게 보내기위한 때때롯살롱의 프로젝트! 앞으로 선보일 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 라인중 가장 먼저 선보이는 6종을 월간 때때롯 여름호에 담아보았다.때때롯 프로젝트에서는 한국 문화, 한글 디자인, 전통 민화 등 다양한 모티브로 전통과 현대를 아우르는 다양하고 한국적인 스타일을 전개해 나갈 예정이다. The new project from TETEROT SALON for cool summer in 2020!Let us introduce the first 6 kinds of T-shirt in our TETEROT PROJECT T-shirt line. In TETEROT PROJECT, we intend to develop a variety of Korean style items that encompass both tradition and modernity with various motifs such as Korean culture, Korean design, and traditional Korean painting. 전통 민화에서 영감을 받아 디자인된 장생도와 호작도 티셔츠는 각각 아름다운 색감과 강렬한 이미지로 표현된다.장생도는 린넨소재 바지와 함께 코디해 내추럴함을 살리고 검정바탕에 금펄로 프린팅된 호작도는 스트릿한 감성으로 연출하였다.그림을 보는 사람들이 행복하고 건강히 장수하기를 바라는 마음을 담은 장생도 디자인은 코로나19로 모두가 힘든 이 시기를 이겨내어 건강하고 행복한 날들이 이어지길 바라는 마음과 닿아있다.We designed the ‘The Symbols of Longevity(장생도)’ and ‘Hojakdo(호작도)’ T-shirts inspired by traditional Korean paintings.They are expressed with beautiful colors and intense images like traditional Korean paintings.The ‘The Symbols of Longevity’ T-shirt with one of our linen pants together makes very nature fit and they look very nice.Also the back of the ‘Hojakdo’ T-shirts has intense gold ‘Hojakdo’ print so it’s very street style fashion.The ‘The Symbols of Longevity’ T-shirt contains the wishes that the people who see the picture will overcome this difficult COVID-19 crisis and to be happy and healthy.상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 장생도 분홍상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 호작도TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘The Symbols of Longevity(장생도)’ TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘Hojakdo(호작도)’영물로 여겨졌던 한국 호랑이와 길운의 상징인 까치의 모습에서 민생의 고단함과 근심을 덜고자 했던 선조들의 염원을 이어받아 용맹스러운 호랑이의 모습을 강조한 때때롯프로젝트의 호작도.TETEROT PROJECT’s ‘Hojakdo’ T-shirt inspired by traditional Korean paining called ‘Hojakdo’ which the ancestors tried to relieve the hardshipand anxiety of the people’s livelihood by looking at. In ‘Hojakdo’ there are mystical Korean tiger and magpies which they are symbol of luck. 상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 호작도TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘Hojakdo(호작도)’ 바쁜 시대를 살며 피곤한 하루를 보내는 현대인들이 가끔은 집에서 쉬며 '뒹굴뒹굴' 할 수 있기를 바라는 마음에 탄생한 티셔츠 ‘뒹굴뒹굴’ 의도치 않게 코로나 시대에 걸맞은 티셔츠가 되었다는 웃지 못할 사연이... 주말엔 모두 집에서 뒹굴뒹굴하시길! We made this ‘뒹굴뒹굴’ T-shirt for the modern people who living in busy times and having a tiring days that we hopesometimes they just relaxing at home and being ‘Dwing-Gul Dwing-Gul(뒹굴뒹굴)’. The story that can’t be laughed that this T-shirt was not intended, but it became a worthy T-shirt for this COVID-19 crisis. Anyway, we all hope you are safe and healthy, also being ‘Dwing-Gul Dwing-Gul’ at home!   상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 뒹굴뒹굴 TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘Dwing-Gul Dwing-Gul(뒹굴뒹굴)’ 검정 바탕에 녹색으로 들어간 한반도 그래픽이 포인트인 티셔츠 한국의 수도인 서울이 영문으로 레터링되어있다. 스트릿 감성을 느낄 수 있는 이 티셔츠에는 통이 넓은 면바지를 양말 안으로 넣어 입어 조거팬츠처럼 연출했다. This T-shirt has cool point which is the green color Korean Peninsula graphic on a black background.The ‘Seoul’ which is capital city of South Korea is printed on it in English.This T-shirt is very street style of fashion item. The model wore this T-shirt with wide pants and put the leg hems inside of socks so make it look like jogger pants. It’s very stylish!   상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 지구본TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘Globe’ 하늘, 땅, 물, 불을 상징하는 건곤감리를 사용한 디자인 대한민국 국기의 건곤감리를 나란히 이어 미니멀하게 표현하였다. 하의로는 때때롯살롱의 스테디셀러 허리치마중 하나인 ‘레이스 마법’허리치마의 미니버전을 매치하고 스니커즈와 면가방으로 스포티하면서도 귀여운 착장을 완성시켰다. We made this T-shirt using the design of ‘Geon-Gon-Gam-Li(건곤감리)’ from Korean flag that means sky, earth, water and fire.We used the design as a minimalistic way.On the bottom, model wore our TETEROT SALON’s one of steady seller waist skirt called ‘Mini Lace Magic’ with sneakers and cotton bag so the outfit was very sporty and cute.   상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 건곤감리하의 | 허리치마 미니 레이스 마법가방 | 가방 호작도TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘Geon-Gon-Gam-Li(건곤감리)’SKIRT | WAIST SKIRT ‘Mini Lace Magic’BAG | ‘Hojakdo(호작도)’ 잠들지 않는 로맨틱 도시 서울이라는 컨셉으로 디자인된 그래픽 티셔츠 오렌지와 퍼플톤의 서율야경 이미지와 레터링이 인상적이다.미니 린넨 허리치마, 글래디에이터샌들과 함께 매치하여 캐주얼하게 연출하였다.This T-shirt was designed with the concept of ‘THE ROMANTIC CITY, SEOUL’.The Seoul night view image has nice and impressive orange and purple color. Also ‘Seoul’ font is very cool too. Our model wore this with a mini linen waist skirt and gladiator sandal. This outfit is very casual.  상의 | 때때롯프로젝트 티셔츠 서울야경하의 | 허리치마 미니 린넨 화이트TOP | TETEROT PROJECT T-SHIRT ‘Seoul Night View’SKIRT | WAIST SKIRT ‘Mini Linen White’ 
  • 4. Magazine TETEROT 2020 Spring 때때롯살롱 / 2020-08-21 2020 S/S season fashion style lookbook봄 꽃길 걸어 오소서 / WALK ON SPRING FLOWER ROAD 봄의 색을 입자 / WEAR A SPRING COLOR얼굴에 조명을 켜주는 저고리 시리즈Jeogori series that will make your skin more glow 꽃길 걸어 어디로 / LET’S WALK FLOWER ROAD걸음 걸음마다 향기 가득 봄 여행 생활한복 룩Walk with it. You can smell sweet spring like flower road. 때때옷 나들이 / TETEROT PICNIC예쁜 옷 입고 사진찰칵 봄은 너의 계절Photo with pretty clothes. Spring is for you!   #S/S 시즌 생활한복 / #S/S Casual Hanbok style#봄 때때옷 골라봐요 / #Let’s pick some spring TETEROT#편안하고 화사하게 / #Comfy and brighter 봄을 맞는 때때옷 /TETEROT IN SPRING 봄은 과감한 패턴에 도전해볼 이유가 충분한 계절. There’s no reason you can’t try to wear bold pattern clothes. It’s spring! 봄 꽃이 피기만을 기다리기 보다는 먼저 플라워 패턴 옷을 입고 생기발랄한 에너지를 뽐내보자! It’s okay even flower isn’t in bloom yet. You can wear floral pattern dress and show up vivid mood! 빈티지한 색감을 가진 긴 기장감의 철릭 원피스 ‘빈티지 로즈’는 소매와 목깃에 레이스로 포인트를 주어 더욱 복고적인 분위기를 연출해준다. This vintage color tone long dress called ‘Vintage Rose’ has lace point on sleeve and collar, so it makes more vintage mood. 모델 비다는 여성스러운 느낌이 물씬 나는 이 철릭원피스를 특유의 명량함과 사랑스러운 느낌으로 잘 소화해냈다. The model 비다 wore this feminine dress. She completed it perfectly with her bright and lovely energy. 연희동의 한 비건베이커리에서 활짝 웃음을 짓는 모델에게 더 없이 잘 어울렸던 빅플라워패턴 철릭원피스. 원피스의 바탕색과 같은 톤의 모자와 첼시부츠를 코디해 동일감을 주었다. This big floral pattern dress was look great with her lovely smile in vegan bakery at Yeonhee. She wore hat and Chelsea boots that has same background color tone with dress. So it look more matched.철릭원피스 | 빈티지 로즈 Dress | Vintage Rose   포포브레드 / Forfour Bread 버터X 우유X 계란X GMOX No butter, No milk, No egg, No EMO 건강한 비건 베이커리 The healthy vegan bakery. 서울 서대문구 증가로18 (연희92-18) 92-18 Yeonhee, 187 Jeungga-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 평일 12:00-20:00 일, 월 휴무 Week day 12:00-20:00 (Close on Sunday & Monday) 어른스러운 무드가 필요하다면? / Do you need more a mature mood? 네이비톤 블라우스 코디 / NAVY COLOR BLOUSE 네이비색과 고급스러운 느낌으로 어떤 옷과 입어도 잘 어울릴만한 활용도 높은 블라우스 ‘비천무’ This ‘Bicheonmu’ blouse has luxurious navy color so it goes with any other items so well. 어두운 색으로 차분하지만 큼지막한 플라워패턴이 너무 어둡거나 심심하지 않게 만들어준다. Dark tone color makes calm mood but also there is big floral pattern that makes it not too dark or boring.   상의 | 블라우스 비천무Blouse | Bicheonmu 하의 | 허리치마 오리엔트 베이지 Skirt | Orient Beige 액세서리 | 장고매듭 키링 Accessory | Jango-Knot Keychain러블리 무드 데일리룩 / Lovely daily look 퍼프소매 한복 블라우스 / PUFF SLEEVE HANBOK BLOUSE 온도가 높은 봄날에 입기 좋은 퍼프소매 한복 블라우스 ‘팅커벨’ When it gets warmer this puff sleeve Hanbok blouse called ‘Tinker Bell’ is good to wear. 반팔 소매에 프릴을 잡아 사랑스러운 무드로 연출할 수 있다. Short frill design sleeve is very adorable. 사시사철 입기 좋은 린넨 허리치마 복숭아색과 함께 소녀스러운 분위기로 연출했다. 액세서리 역시 귀엽고 사랑스러운 분위기의 리시안셔스 노리개를 달아주었다. It’s very adorable with peach color linen skirt that goes well in every season. So with them we made cute girly look. Also the accessory is Norigae called Prairie Gentian which makes more cuter and lovely.   상의 | 블라우스 팅커벨 Bouse | Tinker Bell 하의 | 허리치마 린넨 복숭아 Skirt | Linen Peach 악세서리 | 노리개 리시안셔스 Accessory | Norigae Prairie Gentian 봄볕 피하며 봄 만끽하기 /Enjoying this spring 7부소매 블라우스 ‘팔레트’ / 3/4 SLEEVE BLOUSE ‘PALETTE’ 가볍고 산뜻한 컬러감의 블라우스 ‘팔레트 블루’ Light and fresh color tone blouse called ‘Palette Blue’ 7부 길이와 넉넉한 소매통으로 볕이 뜨거운 날 입기에 좋다. 3/4 wide width sleeve is good to wear for hot sunny weather. 전통 감물 북청색, 노리개 꽃볼 네이비와 함께 코디하여 청량하면서도 세련된 느낌을 강조했다. With skirt called Traditional Blue and the norigae called Flower Ball are very elegant and will give you fresh feeling. 미니백과 하이힐과 함께 코디하면 좀 더 격식있는 자리에도 잘 어울리는 룩이 완성된다,. They look perfect for formal event with small purse and high-heels shoes.   상의 | 블라우스 팔레트 블루 Blouse | Palette blue 하의 | 허리치마 전통 감물 북청 Skirt | Traditional Blue  페미닌한 디테일을 살린 / Look very feminine and has all the details블라우스와 긴길이 린넨 치마 / BLOUSE WITH LONG LINEN SKIRT봄 내내 손길이 갈 긴소매 블라우스 ‘고백’과 맥시 기장의 린넨 허리치마 마르살라.You probably want to wear this long sleeve blouse called ‘Propose’ and long linen skirt called ‘Marsala’ during the whole spring.블라우스 ‘고백’은 소매 디테일을 살려 붉은색의 허리치마와 함께 더욱 여성스러움을 강조한다.In this ‘Propose’ blouse sleeve has a detail and with this red color skirt together is very feminine. 상의 | 블라우스 고백Blouse | Propose하의 | 허리치마 긴길이 린넨 마르살라Skirt | Long Linen Marsala액세서리 | 노리개 별빛 버건디 Accessory | Norigae Starlight burgundy
  • 3. Magazine TETEROT 2019 Winter 때때롯살롱 / 2020-06-02 2019 F/W seoson fashion style lookbookThis is winter. Let’s go warm.Winter MoodModern Hanbok LookComing Faster Winter Warm Modern HanbokOuter Series for Modern HanbokLet’s be warm with a padded vest # new clothes for winter season# cozy winter vest # winter modern hanbok look for you -Friends, This is winter. Let’s get warm.Last for a few years, people wearing black long padded coatslike kimbob have crowded in a bus station.A long padded coat is a special item for survival.However, what about wearing little bit various and unique outer?TETEROT SALON’s padded jacket is not only warmbut also comfortable and pretty.It is good to wear during the whole winter.-Let’s explore TETEROT’s clothes during winter season!Get happy with being warm and cozyVery tired by summer and cool autumn came and suddenly cold winter comes.Strange…. Already winter!You wear a trench coat because of cold weather of early coming winter.A trench coat and winter jacket should be put in a closet, but wear a warm outer.Let’s wear an outer fast on your way to school or company.Vest | JeolpyonPadded Jacket | Sand GlassBlouse | Antique Ivory Jango Pants | Corduroy Ivory Doremi skirt, one of the loved items of TETEROT SALON, has come with check design. Its new feeling has been seen with brown and black mixed warm check and the same color button.Blouse | Omaju Ivory Skirt | Doremi Check  Winter dressVelvet Rhapsody Black Velvet rhapsody black dress is paired with unique design stockings. Velvet fabric has span for easy movement. Thick fabric of velvet gives warmth to a body. Don’t you wear a Velvet Rhapsody if you have a special date plan in the end of year? -TETEROT SALON’s employee wearing reviewWinter TETEROT clothes that worn directly by TETEROT employees!Shop and office employees’ frank wearing review.Dress | Tongin-dong WineTongin-dong looks better when worn than seen Color is good for winter season and warm thick fabric for the whole winter.-Jeogori | Merry RedMini skirt | Winter Cotton BlackWe are expecting Christmas or the year-end holiday during winter.Unique fabric and it is good to wear even if it is mini! Very memorable and fantastic if you are preparing year-end with TETEROT SALON! -Dress | Hot Choco Wine The dress has a really pretty red wind color! Its pattern like patchwork is lovely and retro like. It is the longest and under knees. I wear it with the duffle coat!-Vest | Haha HohoThe vest is very warm with fleece inside.Its size is enough for thick inners!Not uncomfortable inside a padded coat! And its print adds cuteness! Blouse Thousand Years Black Skirt Rose of Betrayal 
  • 2. [Magazine TETEROT] 2019 FALL 때때롯살롱 / 2020-08-21 Magazine TETEROT SALON2019 F/W senson fashion style lookbook -Autumn is back Fall autumn looks   -Chic, romantic, elegant   Skirt/ Oriental Orchids  We had a photoshoot for TETEROT SALON’S F/W 2019 collection at a studio located in Donggyo-dong, Seoul. We carefully picked a studio to show up the detailed designs, fabrics as well as autumn mood of our new collection. The photographer, model and our team members all came together just in time. And we discussed about how we can show the designs and fabrics in the picture before starting photoshoot. -Blouse | Bluish Green Rose Skirt | Bluish Green Rose The blueish skirt and blouse that the model wears in the picture are made of a beautiful brocade fabric which is very luxurious. You can show up elegant and classy mode by wearing this set of clothing because of the color, texture as well as the pattern of the fabric -Blouse | Eternal Wine Skirt | Black Floral Print  Blouse | Eternal IndiPink Skirt | Floral Cloud in Navy Blue Blouse | Eternal Khaki Skirt | Floral Cloud in Bluish Green   The blouse has three different colors which are Indi Pink, Khaki, and Red wine. You can have different looks depending on what colors you wear for your outfit. Matched the Indi Pink floral pattern blouse with a navy floral skirt for an adorable look.Matched the khaki color with a long green floral skirt and finished the look by adding tassel earrings that are similar colors to the outfit. Matched the red wine blouse with a black floral skirt for a chic and classy look.  Blouse | Rose Skirt |Study Note in Gray This flower detailed gorgeous skirt is made of gray lining fabric.We went through several sampling processes to get the perfect gray and blue mixed color. Usually, you need an underskirt to make a skirt plentiful when you wear a traditional hanbok. But for this skirt, we sewed through multiple layers to give a plentiful shape without wearing an underskirt.If you’re looking for something that makes you gorgeous and special, you should go for this skirt!  The blouse that the model wears is made of a fabric that just looks like feathers flying. This blouse could be bored without the patterns, but by adding the lace patterns, we make the blouse more special. You can style this simple navy blue blouse with colorful skirts for an elegant and comfortable outfit. Reviews from TETEROT SALON Staffs Honest reviews of the fall collection from the staffs at TETEROT SALON. Skirt/ Oriental Orchids I took this picture of the outfit when I wore it for an office look. Because of the patterns and colors of the skirt, it was perfect for a fall outfit. As you can see, the beautiful khaki color of the skirt and the ivory and mustard colors of the patterns are inspired by autumn.  I style the skirt with a knit and a similar color tone hat for fall inspiration. The skirt goes with anything very well, so it’s a perfect skirt to wear every day! Blouse | Yeoul Flowers Skirt | Mini ApricotI wear a floral blouse and an apricot mini skirt. I’m not a tall person, so I usually go for short skirts rather than midi or long skirts.Sometimes I get bored to wear khaki, beige or brown colors for autumn outfits. Whenever I get bored with the colors, I wear pink to make feel better like I did in this outfit. Also, you can create a cute casual look by matching the skirt with a pair of white sneakers.  Blose | Pinwheel The shirt that I’m wearing is a unisex shirt. It’s kind of chilly outside just to wear a t-shirt, so I wear the shirt as a jacket. I usually like to wear jeans a lot, so I like the casual style shirt to stay comfortable.  Anyone can wear the simple check pattern on the blouse easily. You can either open the shirt as a jacket or tie as a wrap shirt. If you’re looking for a daily hanbok that is very comfortable and casual, I highly recommend this blouse!   Dress | Honeybee The mustard & Khaki flower pattern dress is perfect for this change of season. Personally I like the 3/4 sleeves style which is not too tight! Also, this dress makes you look effortlessly stylish by just wearing it. So it’s perfect for a daily and also to wear on a special day!  Dress | Sherbet Indipink It is adorable a long sleeve design chiffon dress. This shirring makes look more feminine and girly. Coral and peach pink is not that too much and lovely. You can see shirring on the shoulder and the waist. The wrist is not that tight so you can feel comfortable when you move. If you think hanbak is colorful or too much for you sometimes, and then you can go for this simple daily dress instead.
  • 1. [Magazine TETEROT] 2019 MIDSUMMER 때때롯살롱 / 2020-08-21  Discover a photo spot in downtown Seoul. -Is it possible to take ‘THE PIC OF THE DAY’ in an alley way, cafe, and store that we passed right by places were very ordinary. Let’s find out some photo spots everyone discovers easily wherever you go. -The ivy or stone wall covered in ivy and flower is always good. When the weather is nice, green leaves are shiny so we can create a refreshing background.-Whole glass style cafe is good for taking some pictures indoors.This monthly TETEROT cover took a photo in front of the cake fridge in Baskin Robbins. Colorful cakes and pink neon light created cool and beautiful mood only for mint colored skirt. (Thank you Baskin Robbins for your corporation)-If you find some cafes that has beautiful interior and also the color shade is similar with your clothes.Then it is perfect timing to take the pic of the day! Please show off your sense, Don’t bother the other visitors and try to take some paparazzi cuts. -This day we visited here for photo shooting. New cafeteria ‘Masion De Marianne’ in Yeon hee dong is designed with white & blue color for interior and that has polished luxurious feel.There are tables and chairs made of marble with cold color, it was good team with lace blouse ‘Bebe apricot’ and skirt ‘Tradition sum apricot’. We took some stunning shots because they have structure to let in more sunlight on three sides, not only one side. -One of common place in daily life for people is convenient store can be best photo spot. There are lots of colorful items make some adorable pictures. Take a photo when you open the fridge door and try to grab something! It looks cool for our foreigner friends on Instagram. Please be careful, you should observe the etiquette when you go there. The place is small and when there are many people don’t bother them. TETEROT SALON Staff’s Review-TETEROT SALON’s staffs wearing our new items! New bargain sale item on official Instagram. Staff’s review for new summer items on the website.-This time we had some new event with ‘Flower Bouquet’ item on our Instagram TETEROT SALON. Purple and pink flower printing dress in bright peach pink color is perfect item for summer. It was selling at the amazing and incredible price offer so our staffs interested about this event, finally two girls got them.-Chief ordered them go out and take some pictures(+she ordered some fresh juice) for this amazing price dress,Look at the picture! Finally they went out to Yeon hee dong street with company credit card. Oh.. Both are wearing same colored sneakers and same hair.. It was a bit scared.. Cute! What do you feel when you try the dress?Shin Hye Actually I was so interested this dress before event.. I didn’t check quality because I check this sewing quality every day at work so I knew already it has good quality. They look gloss but not too much, and smooth pink shade is absolutely gorgeous. Especially I am in love with this feminine feel sleeves. Every time I am the biggest fan of TETEROT SALON who can’t wait to see next event with great expectations. Yerim The sleeves stay always comfortable, not that tight and.. i think this wide sleeves covering my forearm that is why I like this dress. Personally I like long length, this long hemlines hide my thick calves. Dress 'Destiny'When i put my arm to the clothes, i feel so good. Cape style sleeves look feminine and lovely so i feel like i am skinny when i see!My height is 170cm tho, this dress is long type that is why i love. The dress pattern has luxurious feel, so it is perfect for formal and informal setting!i am so satisfied with this dress.  

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